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I'm not dead yet!!

 *shuffles in slowly with head hung*

Wow.  3 months.  I suck.  Hard.  Anyway, enough about my many talents, on to the blogging!


 I have pictures of me, my sisters and my neice reenacting the best part of this video.  Except we're wearing real clothes.  And we're not Japanese men.  The pictures can be displayed or destroyed for the right price.  Let the bidding begin!!




Ah, TV boyfriend. Nice

 I totally gakked this from keldjinfae_moon

Yay Jim!  You are totally and forever my TV boyfriend.  I'm so excited.  I don't think I could've done better if I tried.  It looked to me like the other options were Peter Petrelli (Heroes), Chuck (Chuck), Dean Winchester (Supernatural), and *vomit* McDreamy (Grey's Anatomy).  

Excuse me while Jim and I run off and get married and have lots of babies.

(Except he should be eating ham and cheese sandwiches every day.  Stupid quiz writer.)

ETA:  I may have made up the word "gakked."  If I did, I trademark it.  Anyone who wants to use it must send me a written, notarized request along with a nickel for each anticipated use.  A nickel, not $0.05.  Therefore, if you are planning on using "gakked" 20 times, send me 20 nickels, not a dollar.  Thank you in advance.

ETA:  Oh, and I also trademark all tenses and uses of "gak".  So "gaks" "gakking" "gakkified"--all mine.  And each a nickel.  Thanks again.
 Okay, the strike is officially killing me, ya'll.  I've been watching a lot of DVDs and random reruns that I've seen 8 million times, but not much else.  I think the strike may also be affecting my taste levels, because watching TV last night, I had two completely different reactions to the programs.

Let's make my journal happier

My journal is such a sad place lately.  Like an abandoned K-mart.  Wait, isn't any K-mart an abandoned K-mart?  Anyway, here's a list to brighten it up around here.

23 Words that I Need to Use More Often



Pop Culture Round-up

Wow.  Two weeks into 2008 and this is my first post.  That's...sad.  And this year has sucked balls. 

So, 'what has inspired my first post in a fortnight?' you ask.  Well, a couple of movies I saw this weekend and the Golden Globes.  Not that I actually watched that Golden-Globes-press-conference-thingy.  I just read about the winners on ew.com.  (Please forgive any confusing structure in the following post.  I may have forgotten how to write in the last couple of weeks.  Or my brain exploded.)

Year's over? Already? I want a do-over.

Alright, so just 6 hours left in the year here, and I had a SoCo and coke and decided to give you this:

23 Things I Didn't Do in 2007

This just in: Sweeney Todd is Win!

So, aublilsis and I went to see Sweeney Todd  yesterday, and it was incredible.  Mind you, it is definitely not a movie that everyone would like, but we both really enjoyed it.



So much suckage lately.  Anyway, working on two different Lists of 23 right now, but I'm having a hard time focusing.  It's all Christmas' fault.  Damn you, December 25th, for wrecking my whole month!  *shakes fist furiously*  Work has been making me want to pull my hair out, too, mostly because I have to deal with some dumbass motherfuckers who like to blame their stupidity on others.  They suck, too.  

As I said, got two different Lists going on, so if anyone wants to give me some ideas for people who need to be shot in the head, or totally imaginary reality shows that are better than American Idol, please do so.  Sometimes it's really hard thinking of 23 things, and my brain is ever so tiny.  

By the way, I've already patented the idea for "Stupid Baby".  Please do not submit anything with a similar concept.  Thank you. 

In case you are wondering, yes, the Black Eyed Peas do suck.  And West sucks, too.  Forever.  And Ever.